How to remove a radiator to decorate?

Guide to detaching a central heating radiator in the UK

This short step by step guide is designed to help you quickly and safety remove a radiator for decorating.

Disable the Boiler and Close the Valves: Begin by turning off the boiler’s power supply to halt water circulation. Next, locate the valves situated on either side of your radiator, which manage the inflow and outflow of water, and make sure they are tightly closed.

Drain the Radiator: Find the bleed valve at the radiator’s apex and open it to release any built-up pressure and excess water. Have a bucket or towels handy to catch any water that might escape.

Disconnect the Radiator Valves: Gently loosen the nuts connecting the radiator valves on one side, allowing the water inside to flow out into a prepared basin or container.

Remove the Valves: Use a pipe wrench or an adjustable wrench to fully unscrew the nuts securing the valves to the radiator, then detach the valves completely.

Lift Away the Radiator: After detaching the valves, carefully lift the radiator away from its wall supports and move it out of the space.

Tidy Up: Clean any spilled water or debris to leave the area neat for the new radiator installation.

Installing a New Radiator: To install a new radiator, essentially reverse the steps you’ve just completed.

Additional Note: Always refer to the specific instructions provided by your new radiator’s manufacturer and adhere to any local or system-specific safety guidelines during the installation or removal process.