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By far the biggest cause of boiler breakdowns and poor efficiency is sludge in the system. This is cleared by power system flushing. This is noticed usually by the bottom of the radiators not heating up, and the radiator not giving out enough heat for the room.

But it not only affects the radiators heating up, eventually it will cause blockages in the boiler which will cause the hot water to go hot/cold, and other parts to fail – sometimes to the point where a new boiler is the only viable option. For this reason all boiler insurance policies will not cover any parts affected by sludge.


A power flush through your central heating system can help increase hot water temperatures, speed up radiator convection and prevent boiler breakdowns.

Prevent sludge build up with a flush

Luckily there are solutions before it gets too bad. To prevent sludge we can fit a permanent filter to the system which can be cleaned out, and add chemical to the system to protect it – for a fixed price of £220.

For full system flushing which will clean out your radiators and make them work more efficiently again this starts at £400.

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Do I need a powerflush?

  • Radiators are taking longer to heat up than usual.
  • Cold patches within your radiator.
  • When you bleed the radiators water is discoloured.
  • Noises when the radiators are on.
  • Not as much warmth produced.

How does a powerflush work?

Our plumber engineer will connect a machine to your heating system. This machine produces a powerful, low pressure flow of liquid through the whole central heating system. The sludge is dislodged and removed from the boiler and radiators over several hours over flushing. 

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